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City of Dublin Plates
The Senior City of Dublin Plate will take place on Saturday, March 8th and the Junior City of Dublin Plate will take place on Sunday, March 9th.

The top three prize-winners in each championship, and Premierships under 6 and 6-8 will be invited to take part in these "step down the line" format competitions. There will be one overall winner in each competition. Those taking part will perform a light dance step (reel or slip jig) and a heavy dance step (jig or hornpipe). Under 6 and under 8 competitors in the dance-off competition may dance two light dance steps (reel or slipjig and light jig) if they wish. All six adjudicators will judge these competitions. Each adjudicator will choose one competitor and the competitor with the most votes will be deemed the winner. In the event of a tie, each judge will disclose their second place dancer and so on until a clear winner emerges. There will not be any conferring by the adjudicators. The awards will comprise a pair of Plates called the Junior City of Dublin Plate and the Senior City of Dublin Plate, respectively.

The Junior dance-off will incorporate all ages up to and including under 14. The Senior will incorporate all ages over 14.

Competitors in the Dance-Off events must wear all black outfits. Regular costumes will not be permitted. The simpler the black outfit the better! This also applies to the male competitors.

Roll of Honour

Junior Plate
2007 Caitlin Heed, Maguire-O'Shea School, London
2008 Layla Healy, Pauline Fegan School, Co. Wicklow
2009 Caolan McKeating-Lynch, Mulvenna Academy, Belfast
2010 Colm Conneely, Hession, Galway
2011 Jack Quinn, Ui She, Dublin
2012 Jack Quinn, Ui She, Dublin
2013 Ronan Kelly, Sylvan Kelly, Mayo
2014 Clodagh Davis, Carson Kennedy, Belfast
2015 Cosette deBourbon, The Academy, Mid America
2016 Siobhan Kelly Croghan-Greene Co. Clare
2017 Kathleen Collins Sharon Taylor Scotland

Senior Plate
2007 Gerard Carson, Doherty-Reid School, Belfast
2008 John Lonergan, Kiely-Walsh School, Cork
2009 Claire Greaney, Hession, Galway
2010 John Lonergan, Kiely-Walsh, Cork
2011 David Geaney, Rinceoiri na Riochta, Kerry
2012 David Geaney, Rinceoiri na Riochta, Kerry
2013 David Geaney, Rinceoiri na Riochta Kerry
2014 Jack Quinn, Ui She, Dublin
2015 Jack Quinn, Ui She, Dublin
2016 Shannon Bradley Doherty-Petri Belfast & New York
2017 Roisin Meehan Wogan-Meehan Southern England UK

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